About Us

Who are we ?

The association was established at the end of 2012 by a group of friends. What connects us is the love of nature in all its aspects. Our main goal is to promote non-standard solutions for environmental protection, and the tools we use strive to preserve our originality, authenticity and freedom. We rely mainly on donations and voluntary work.

And what are we doing ?

It is easier to share what we are not doing – we do not politicize the green themes, and we do not judge people and tell them how to live. We just have fun with the projects we create! We challenge people to think through demonstration of alternative solutions, and in the questions that pop up are actually the answers we all look for. Thus, naturally, we come to more conscious and responsible decisions that come from the people themselves, not propagandized from above. Green Association speaking!

And all that priceless… well there is no price. For every product or service we offer, we do not set a price, but leave it to consumers. So we are sure that we get just as much as our ideas and effort deserve. If we have done well, we invest our profit to build on what we have achieved, if we do not – we stop or develop the initiative. And people continue to ask questions and wander in the possible answers: whether I have left enough; May I do it myself; Is the idea worthwhile; where did they get the materials; does it really work? It is precisely in these fluctuations that we believe that the moral category for sustainable development in our society is formed.

In our quest to present and support sustainable models of social interaction, the main activity of the association since its founding is the reconstruction and restoration of the social center and the workshop of the organisation in Momin prohod, aiming at a shared workspace that supports the positive change in each of us, where we most often implement our initiatives. After realizing a number of activities at the local, national and international level, it is extremely important for us to reach as many as possible initiative, curious, pure-hearted and motivated people with whom we can achieve the next level of development together – the cosmic one!

Since 2023 we’re working on our new property in architectural reserve the village of Staro Stefanovo – a 100 years old house with a barn and big yard. It’s still really wild, but we have the basic necessities and most of the things you’ll see have been done with the almighty volunteers of the Green Summit. Here we’re usually sleeping in tents, creating our own eco-community heaven with natural arts, geo-dome, solar showers, compost toilets, stage for our events, summer kitchen, fireplace and other green structures. The phone connection is low to none at some parts and the washing machine is on pedals.

Family, Friends & Fools

In the Green Association we are all volunteers, but we are often friends, too. Self initiative is of paramount importance because the cause that unites us is above all and everyone! To keep it clean and green it is important to have fun and support as friends!