Green Voluntary Service is a strategic EVS project of Green Association with several mobility periods:
  • Long term project for 12 months, starting in the spring of 2019, receiving 4 volunteers.
  • Two short term projects with a duration of 2 months, which will take place in June and July or August and September, 2019. In each of these projects 16 volunteers will be hosted in Bulgaria.
Most of the volunteering will be held at:

Another part of the activities will take place in the social centre of Green Association in Momin prohod, Sofia and the partnering farms and places of the association. Green volunteers can get extremely rich experience in organizing events promoting sustainable living. Among the main activities to achieve our objectives are the organization of workshops, seminars, festivals and other events that will provide valuable experience to our volunteers in the field of PR, communication, advertising and event management in general.



The working hours of the volunteers will be in general, 6-7 hours a day from Monday to Friday, within 30-35 hours per week. During the conduct of weekend events their due days will be compensated before and after the event. Transportation between the activity venues is either provided or reimbursed. Volunteers will be accommodated in mixed rooms in а guest house. For food volunteers will receive a lump sum of 130 euro each on a monthly basis or when food will be organised by the hosts, the allowance is calculated by deducting the sum of multiplying the number of days with provided food with 1/30 of the unit cost per month. Pocket money are fixed to 92,5 euro/month for the long term volunteering and 177 euro in total for the two months of the short term volunteering.



Between 18 and 30 years old, living in an Erasmus+ program country; With different backgrounds (including fewer opportunities); With different competences and interests (sustainability, permaculture, event management, project’s development, youth activities, multimedia, etc.). Willingness to stand basic living conditions (no hot water, no shops or services nearby, etc.), to travel by bus or car and to sleep in a tent for long periods (more than 2 weeks) is a must! It’s not easy being green…


If interested, please just send your CV and short motivation to Cheers!


Photo credit: Renaud Lomont